Vahdam India

We began by creating a quick tea review video and now have a long-term content creation schedule.

Vahdam India has a strong brand presence and a high-demand content schedule. We follow their guidelines to deliver engaging, fun and creative content for their campaigns and social media. Our strategy is to deliver a narrative that is easy for the customer to understand and also feel inspired, while always following the brand’s visual identity.

Our content creation involves agreeing on a briefing, producing videos and images in thematic settings, editing & delivering the content in time and following up with metrics. Vahdam India needs exciting and energetic content, that represents all the excitement around their teas. Following this direction, we ensure the content we deliver can be used by the brand across their full range of marketing materials.

Our services include studio videos and pictures, ‘at home feel’ locations for stories and reels, always pushing the boundaries of how exciting their teas can be. 

What we do


Health & Wellness – Tea

“They have been the most comfortable content creators to work with! Their craft has finesse and they have always helped us in meeting the tight timelines smoothly.”

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