We built the website, e-commerce setup, SEO and worked on the product photography.

Melancia is a jewellery brand that offers golden grass handmade pieces that have much more to show than its raw material. We created Melancia’s website focusing on their e-commerce and products. The website looks effortless and was built in a way to make it easy for the client to keep it updated with content. 

We created the design, all lifestyle and product images, implemented the e-commerce setup, developed the website to look effortless, clear and easy to manage, including keywords and SEO. Our goal is for the website to stay relevant and useful for visitors. The result is a vibrant, fully optimised and easy to navigate website with stunning images. 

We simply translated their beautiful result of hand craftsmanship, history and sustainable practices, gathered to be transformed into a unique piece of jewellery, into a website and images.

What we do


Fashion – Jewellery

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